Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at Berkeley (UAVs@Berkeley) is a student organization dedicated to providing a central resource for all topics related to drones at UC Berkeley.

By providing a resource-rich organization for UC Berkeley students interested in designing, building, and flying UAVs for a multitude of purposes, we hope to incite collaboration across multiple engineering disciplines. Students will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills by working on project teams with other majors.

Activities include a range of aerial photography/videography projects, academic research projects, and racing competitions. Other goals include: teaching basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in flying, operating, and controlling UAVs; organizing and setting up events for UAV flying meet-ups and outreach opportunities; and creating an open space for all UAV enthusiasts, engineers, and flyers to collaborate and create new and rich experiences through the use of UAVs.

Above all, UAVs@Berkeley seeks to bring the capabilities and potential of unmanned aerial vehicles to the minds and hands of students, engineers and the public alike.

The Purdue Drone Club exists to promote and educate Purdue students and community about the concepts, uses, and practices of all forms of unmanned autonomous vehicles. At Purdue, we are leading the call to promote the sport of drone racing, hosting the first ever Collegiate Championship in Spring of 2017.

As one of the largest and fastest growing drone clubs across the nation, we provide tools, resources, and knowledge to our members, teaching, from the ground up, the process of building a drone and getting in the air. At our workspace on campus, we provide tools, video and transmitter equipment, simulators, 3D printing, and other resources to our members. From weekly fly-ins to various outreach events, the Purdue Drone Club acts as a positive role model promoting safe and responsible usage of drones in the West Lafayette community.

FPVKnights is a drone club at the University of Central Florida. We were founded in the fall of 2017 and are currently open to anyone from the college willing to get into the hobby or field of drone technology.
We offer weekend fight days for freestyle and racing pilots along with a training course for each if one would like to try or pick it up. In addition, we do drone projects such as “your first build”, autonomous flight, and VTOL aircraft design projects. Another option to our members is to further develop the field of drone technology with research into swarm technology, safety, and operator ease of use.

he University of North Dakota UAS/RC Club was revitalized in January of 2017 after a year and a half of inactivity. We are a multirotor, fixed wing, and heli club and aim to teach students about the world of UAS and RC aircraft and also how to design, build, and fly them. On top of this we have many contacts in the UAS career field and help to bridge the gap between college and career with not only hands on experience but advice from people in all types of UAS careers. We are an ever growing club with a membership currently 20 people strong. To get a hold of us please feel free to email our club president at:     jordan.krueger@und.edu

University of Alabama

Ripping Tide is the FPV Racing team at the University of Alabama, and is a part of the club Tuska UAV. Tuska UAV Design Team is a student-led team at the University of Alabama. Our independent club designs multirotor and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for disaster relief, photogrammetry, and other applications. As a team we walk through the entire design process from concept to modeling to fabrication and finally testing our custom planes and rotorcraft. Our team includes several majors in engineering and beyond, representing a range of backgrounds with different levels of experience. Tuska UAV seeks to encourage learning about drone technology through hands-on experience in a creative environment.

The OSU Robotics Club is the largest student-run club at Oregon State University, comprising of nearly 200 members! Each year, the club runs multiple project teams such as the Mars Rover team, Aerial team, Underwater Rov team, and the Drone Racing team to help our members become better engineers and to gain useful real-world experiences.

The Racing team specializes in helping new members learn to build and fly racing drones. By providing resources such as tutorials, mentorship, build days and practice days, the club helps new members become familiar with building and flying drones. Team members compete in regional races on a regular basis and are always practicing for the next event

Rowan University

The Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) at Rowan University aims to provide students with real-life robotics projects, in addition to the skills required to solve them. As autonomous aerial and ground vehicles became more prevalent and cost-effective, driven RAS members built their own autonomous quadcopter from scratch last year. Made of aluminum and heralding 18 inch propellers and 26 pounds of thrust, the quadcopter has already won second place in the 2017 AIAA Punch competition. As RAS and interest in autonomous drones grows, members are exploring smaller designs to participate in drone racing events. RAS exists to guide students interested in the robotics and aerospace fields, and teach them how to design, build, and test their aircrafts.

Rutgers University

RUFPV is a competitive and supportive learning environment for aspiring drone pilots of all skill levels. FPV racing is a new sport which the team has developed itself in by competing in local races as well as the first intercollegiate championship held at Purdue University in April 2017.

The Clemson Quadcopter Club is aiming to spread all aspects of multicopters to its campus. From photography to agriculture to racing, all are represented. The club was founded in Fall of 2017 and has quickly become an energized group on campus ready to spread the love of flight. Currently, the club is building up its fleet of racing quadcopters to prepare for the racing season as well as the CDRA National Championship in the spring. 

OSU Drone Club is the official drone club for The Ohio State University.  We are a group of multi-copter enthusiasts that fly anything from “tiny whoops”, to racing quadcopters, to professional aerial photography equipment.  Our team includes a wide range of pilots from DIY-ers constantly reworking their builds, to photographers who just want a different perspective for their media.  Our mission is to provide a positive example of drone pilots for our community, and to introduce as many people to the hobby as possible.  We seek to educate ourselves, and those around us, on how to have safe and fun flight experience.  Overall, our group seeks to create a supportive community for both experienced and new pilots who all share a love of the hobby.