Track Setup

  • Gates must be no larger than 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide.
    • This allows teams with smaller gates to participate in the racing season.
    • Yes, bigger gates are easier to hit – if you feel this puts your team at a disadvantage, get bigger gates.
  • Flags must be at least 5 feet tall.
    • Something as simple as a piece of PVC stuck in the ground is fine.


  • Max Frame Size – 305mm
  • Max Battery Cell Count – 6
  • Max Propeller Size – 6″
  • 25mw Raceband VTXs will be required for the National Championship


  • There is no maximum number of pilots that can participate on each individual team. However only three pilots’ scores will be used to qualify each team (see scoring section).
  • A team must be a minimum of two pilots in order to qualify for the National Championship. It is much harder to qualify with a team of two; a minimum three person team is recommended (see scoring section).


  • After a day of flying, individual pilots should submit their fastest three consecutive lap times for the day.
    • Lap times begin and end with the start/finish gate.
    • Lap times should be recorded by a spotter with a timer or a lap timing system.
    • DVR or onboard video is required for all submissions.
  • Pilots’ individual times are converted to a point value using the formula: score = 100 / time
    • Using a point system equal to the inverse of pilot times means that faster (lower) times result in higher scores.
    • This allows for teams of two to compete with teams of three or more. The third pilot for a team of two is simply given a score of zero. (this can’t be done using only lap times).
    • A point system also allows scenarios where teams cannot participate in every month of racing, again by awarding a score of zero for those months.
  • Team scores are calculated each month by taking the sum of each team’s three highest pilot scores.
    • Teams of two are given a score equal to the sum of both pilot’s best scores. Teams of two are at a disadvantage but can still qualify.
  • At the end of the racing season, teams will be ranked based on the sum of their points each month.


  • At the end of each month, the top ranked schools will qualify for the National Championship in the spring.
  • October – top 3 teams, November – top 6 teams, January / December – top 5 teams, February – top 4 teams
  • If a team in the top three has already qualified, the next team down will be qualified and so on.
  • After the racing season ends the remaining spots will be filled using the final rankings.