The Collegiate Drone Racing Association exists to help and serve collegiate drone clubs and students across the country. It was started and is run by collegiate racers with the goal of growing drone racing at the collegiate level. Whether you are a club just starting out and looking for funding and guidance, or a student organization that is well established and looking for competitive collegiate racing, we are the organization who will be able to help you every step along the way.

Our Priorities


We act as the primary support for hosting Universities. We help to ensure that every Collegiate Race has the resources needed to execute a successful race. Creating rewarding experiences for pilots, Universites, and sponsors alike.


We exist as an organization to promote the widespread growth of both the Drone Racing hobby and sport at the Collegiate Level. We support University clubs, providing resources and assistance to get programs off the ground and running, allowing them to focus on growing membership at their school.


We expect high quality racers to attend our events. We motivate schools to get practicing! Encouraging teams to get organized and hit the track for some practice. Some of the fastest pilots in the country compete at CDRA events!